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Liposuction Specialist

Aesthetics By Family Care

Cosmetic Surgeon & Medical Spa located in Davenport, FL

Have you ever wished you could take the unwanted fat from areas like your abdomen, hips, and thighs and put it in other areas where you actually need some volume? Aesthetics By Family Care in Davenport, Florida, now offers the latest in state-of-the-art liposuction and fat transfer on-site. The BeautiFill™ by LipoLife procedure offers laser body contouring, suction, and fat cell processing. Then, your provider places the live fat cells where you want and need them. Call Family Care Aesthetics or schedule an appointment online to learn more.


Am I a good candidate from liposuction?

If you have excess fat around your belly, thighs, hips, or in other parts of your body, liposuction could be a good choice. An ideal liposuction candidate is a man or woman who can’t lose weight in some areas. 

It’s common to be at a healthy (or even ideal) weight, but still have frustrating fat deposits around your waist or elsewhere. Liposuction is an effective procedure for targeting only the fat that you want to lose. At Aesthetics By Family Care, that fat can even serve a purpose afterward: Your care provider can transfer it to a place where you need it!

How does liposuction work?

The liposuction procedures at Aesthetics By Family Care are performed with local anesthesia. You’ll be completely awake for the whole procedure but won’t experience any pain. Local anesthesia is significantly better than general anesthesia, which puts you to sleep and carries some serious risks with it. 

Your Family Care Aesthetics care provider uses a combination of laser body sculpting and suction to remove your unwanted fat. Instead of discarding the fat, it’s immediately processed for use elsewhere in your body. Laser liposuction offers considerably less swelling and bruising than traditional liposuction, too.

According to recent studies, the BeautiFill method of liposuction and fat transfer yields 40% more injectable fat than other liposuction methods. This is because the BeautiFill liposuction technique cauterizes your fat cells, instead of rupturing them as traditional mechanical liposuction would. The end result is more live, high-quality fat cells for implantation elsewhere in your body.

Where does the fat go after liposuction?

That’s up to you. Many patients find that they lose volume in certain parts of their body as they age. The face is often one of the first areas affected by age-related volume depletion. For example, you might be unhappy with newly thin cheeks, thinning lips, under-eye hollows, deep smile lines, or sagging jowls.

Your Aesthetics By Family Care care provider can use the unwanted fat to gently and naturally restore the volume wherever you’d like. Some patients have the fat injected in their breasts or buttocks for a completely natural lift. You can even get the extra fat injected in your hands if you’re unhappy their bony appearance.

Looking for minimally invasive liposuction that offers the extra benefit of fat transfer to other parts of your body? Call Aesthetics By Family Care, or use online scheduling to get help today.