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Skin Tightening Specialist

Aesthetics By Family Care

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Sagging jowls and other areas of loose skin can make you feel like you look older than your years. Fortunately, skin-tightening treatments can firm loose skin without surgery. The experienced team at Aesthetics By Family Care offers laser skin tightening for stronger, healthier-looking skin that appears much more youthful. To learn more about this safe, effective way to tighten aging skin, call the Davenport, Florida, office today, or schedule your appointment online.

Skin Tightening

What causes skin laxity?

As you age, your production of collagen and elastin slows down. These proteins, present in abundance in younger skin, provide strength and elasticity. As their levels decline, your skin becomes thinner and less taught, resulting in skin sag, wrinkles, and creases.

External factors can also contribute to skin laxity, such as:

  • Smoking
  • Caffeine and alcohol consumption
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Stress

Most people start to notice sagging skin in their 30s; however, genetics plays a significant role in determining when and how your skin ages.


What can I do to prevent skin sag?

The best way to keep your skin youthful is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, get plenty of sleep, get regular exercise, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen every day!

What is laser skin tightening?

The skilled team at Aesthetics By Family Care has extensive training and experience performing laser skin tightening using the Alma™ laser. This revolutionary system delivers precision light energy to the deeper layers of your skin without harming your skin’s surface or surrounding structures.

The laser energy gently heats skin cells to trigger new collagen and elastin production, enhance circulation, and promote cell turnover. This results in stronger, tighter skin that looks and feels more youthful.

Laser skin tightening with the Alma laser is effective for all skin types and skin tones.


What does laser skin tightening feel like?

The Alma laser features a unique cooling system as well as advanced settings that allow your Aesthetics By Family Care provider to treat only the target cells. Skin-tightening treatments are virtually painless, with little to no downtime.

How many skin-tightening treatments will I need?

How many treatments are necessary depends on your aesthetic goals, your skin type, and other individual factors. After your initial consultation, your expert at Aesthetics By Family Care creates a personalized treatment plan to meet your skin-tightening needs. Most of the time, a series of treatments is required to achieve firmer, tighter skin that looks and feels healthy and beautiful.

Don’t let sagging skin damage your confidence and self-esteem. Schedule a consultation for skin-tightening treatments with an aesthetics expert today. Call Aesthetics By Family Care, or make an appointment online.